In Shadows, Waiting (The Aberddu Adventures Book 3)

As the third in the Aberddu Adventures series this book kept up the high standards of the last two. It was also a book that was moving and introduced some interesting new characters, that we can but hope to see again.


Dawn of Darkness (The Aberddu Adventures Book 2)

This book had me turning page to page to find out what happened, with a set of engaging characters and a gripping plot, againĀ LG Surgeson has produced an enjoyable read. It was also good to see characters back from the first book The Freetown Bridge (The Aberddu Adventures)

The Winter That Follows: An Aberddu Adventure

The Winter That Follows: An Aberddu Adventure is an excellent background to the other tales in the series. The characters are rich and deep, and give the feeling of having lived. Also it was nice to see a little more of the rich world in which these tales are set. I look forward to the next in the series.


TheĀ Aberddu Adventures series by LG Surgeson is a fun and interesting fantasy world adventure story of the old school. With brave adventures and evil so and so’s.

Windup Girl

The Windup Girl – Review

An interesting read to start with, drops the reader straight into the near future world of a post oil civilisation, and the issues raised by this.

The main characters seem well constructed, and the plot moves at a nice pace. It is not quiet the action thriller page turner, but it is also not so slow that I want to put it down all the time. The chapters are a nice length, and allow for the reading of one or two before bed.

The characters while at times a feeling like they are simply filling a space, do have depth in parts. Some that comes out as the book goes on.

In general I’d say this is good read and worth looking up.