Flashman in the Great Game (The Flashman Papers #5): George MacDonald Fraser

So in the fifth instalment of the Flashman Papers we find the “hero of the hour” being sent off to India to track down some trouble. We meet a verity of the great and the good of time, as ever old Flashy only mixes with the best. Even when in the middle of the Indian Mutiny; and we get to see how much Flashman is to blame for it.

Much is off course the footnotes and appendices provided by George MacDonald Fraser help explain what was going on. But again as with the four that went before this is a good story that moves as quickly as Flashman does from trouble.


Reading Challenge 2015

After seeing this floating round the net, and the general want to put content here, I though I’d try this reading challenge.

Book ChallengeSo here is the page where I’ll be linking to the posts as they go up, and lets see how it goes.

In do this I will take that books can tick as many boxes as they match, but I’ll try not to use the same book all the time.