The Elixir of Death (Crowner John Mystery #10): Bernard Knight

We have some alchemy and middle eastern intrigue in this story.  It moves at a nice fast pace, and is clearly by now part of the ongoing story, rather than trying to bring in new readers (with that done in the introduction in the main). Things are now moving at a pace and to me this was an enjoyable read.


The Awful Secret (Crowner John Mystery #4): Bernard Knight

The forth in the Crowner John Mystery series by Bernard Knight, takes us on a new thread, again it follows on from the book before – Crowner’s Quest – but takes us into the intrigue of the Knights Templar, which does seem to be more of side plot that took over from the main one about pirate on the north coast and around Lundy. Again the book moves at a good pace, but the plot does seemed rather forced around the Templar matters.