The Hunger Games (Film)

Well last night was the watching of The Hunger Games, not having read the books but heard a little about the plot, it sparked some interest.

It was a well put together film, with some clear plot, and the characters did not seem overly 2D. And having read that original author (Suzanne Collins) did some work on the screen play (if not all of it), them I think some more plot was carried over. Also most of the stuff produced by Liongate I’ve seen has been good, and this lived up to it.

However it was a very dark film, not in lighting as such, but it was the subject matter of children being used in a certain way and the way that humanity could go. Though I am now intrigued to read the books so will see what I can do about that.


Windup Girl

The Windup Girl – Review

An interesting read to start with, drops the reader straight into the near future world of a post oil civilisation, and the issues raised by this.

The main characters seem well constructed, and the plot moves at a nice pace. It is not quiet the action thriller page turner, but it is also not so slow that I want to put it down all the time. The chapters are a nice length, and allow for the reading of one or two before bed.

The characters while at times a feeling like they are simply filling a space, do have depth in parts. Some that comes out as the book goes on.

In general I’d say this is good read and worth looking up.