Oblivion Storm (The Grenshall Manor Chronicles, #1) by R.A. Smith

Oblivion Storm (The Grenshall Manor Chronicles, #1) by R.A. Smith

Published by Xchyler Publishing

A very good page turner, that kept me reading and wanting to read more.

The novel has some very well constructed characters and a plot that draws you on. While the led characters are all female they are well written and are not just 2D ciphers used to express an opinion, but are rounded and well developed. This I note particularly as the author achieves 4 well developed characters who I hope to read more of in the next volume of The Grenshall Manor Chronicles.

The plot has a good pace to it, and the movement between the historic and present period does not jar or seem forced. With both stories developing in tandem until they full resolve in the climax of the book. The dialogue is well paced and used well, with the text used to inform but not just info dump on the reader. The near now setting of London works well and the urban fantasy and paranormal elements draw in well.

As a side note, and not yet having read the next book in the series I do hope that one of the walk on parts (the morgue attendant) is explored further.