“Ratatatat” by L.G. Surgeson

There is another book in the Aberddu/Black River  set on it’s way, and would people be willing to support it getting done in different ways. Click here to find out more “Ratatatat” by L. G. Surgeson.


In Shadows, Waiting (The Aberddu Adventures Book 3)

As the third in the Aberddu Adventures series this book kept up the high standards of the last two. It was also a book that was moving and introduced some interesting new characters, that we can but hope to see again.

The Winter That Follows: An Aberddu Adventure

The Winter That Follows: An Aberddu Adventure is an excellent background to the other tales in the series. The characters are rich and deep, and give the feeling of having lived. Also it was nice to see a little more of the rich world in which these tales are set. I look forward to the next in the series.


The Aberddu Adventures series by LG Surgeson is a fun and interesting fantasy world adventure story of the old school. With brave adventures and evil so and so’s.