On here is an approximate time-line for the books and other bits that will be talks about in the site, working forward and back from 2000AD



Near Future: The Windup Girl




1854–1855: Flashman at the Charge
1848-1849: Flash For Freedom!

1847–48: Royal Flash

1842–43: Royal Flash

1839–42: Flashman


1500-July1535 Wolf Hall


November 1196: A Plague of Heretics

Summer 1196: Crowner Royal

April 1196: The Manor of Death

December 1195: The Noble Outlaw

November 1195: The Elixir of Death

October 1195: Figure of Hate

August 1195: The Witch Hunter

June 1195: Fear In The Forest

May 1195: The Grim Reaper

April 1195: The Tinner’s Corpse

March 1195: The Awful Secret

December 1194-January1195: Crowner’s Quest

December 1194: The Poisoned Chalice

November 1194: The Sanctuary Seeker

Pre 1194: Crowner’s Crusade


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